Top 10 Best Folding Beds in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Folding beds are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. A folding bed is ideal for small spaces, apartments or lofts where maximizing space is a significant issue. They are also suitable for homes that receive visitors regularly, and want to give their guests the greatest comfort. Back in time, these kinds of beds were very uncomfortable and often hurt the back, or did not ensure the necessary rest. But now, that has come to an end, since many models have comfortable mattresses, and also its design is attractive.

A good mattress ensures lumbar support, but also the possibility of resting without complications. The mattress is important, but so is the design, because you do not have to resign yourself to a structure full of tubes. There are many designs of folding beds that adapt to many styles, and room sizes.

Buying a folding bed is something that you will probably do once every 10-15 years, so you should choose the right one for you. Think not only about the comfort of the mattress and structure, but also the style and design.

List of Best Folding Beds in 2020

#10. InnerSpace Folding Beds

InnerSpace Folding Beds

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This is the ideal option for visits. It is a very easy bed to install and move, and does not need great care or maintenance. The mattress is not the most luxurious, but it’s quite comfortable and will allow you to spend a pleasant night, without complications. Besides, when folding, it does not need too much space, and you can store it in a closet, a cellar or any area in your home. It has four small wheels at the base of the structure so that you do not struggle to move it, both bent and in amplitude.

Its side handles serve as support at the ends of the head and feet, and also to facilitate its mobility when it is bent. It’s the perfect bed for your visitors to have a quiet night, and has a five-year warranty. It is also recommended for children, thanks to its short distance between the floor and the mattress. It is a bed that provides security and comfort, a combination difficult to find.

  • It features stain-resistant polyester covers
  • Has durable PU foam
  • The bed is easy to setup
  • Comfortable to use

#9. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size

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This high quality bed doesn’t require too much space to store, nor elaborate maintenance, and it will always be ready to use. It’s the perfect bed for your guests or to take a field trip. The process of unfolding is too simple, and by not having wheels, you avoid unwanted movements at night. The lack of wheels can be a factor against, but the structure does not weigh much and is not too complicated to transport.

The mattress is comfortable, made of foam 3 inches thick, and with the technology to provide you the best rest for one or several nights. It is one of the best economic options for this kind of beds, and has an excellent cost-quality ratio. Children will sleep without complications in this bed. They can sleep up to two small children in a bed. Its maintenance is effortless, as it has almost no small parts that require great care or repairs.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with a comfy mattress
  • Lightweight to move around

#8. Linon Verona Folding Bed

Linon Verona Folding Bed

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This bed is highly recommended for those who have a room for visits or multiple uses, where people occasionally sleep. While it is a folding bed, its solid structure allows it to be always installed and serve as a regular bed. It is a large frame, robust but not difficult to handle, as its wheels and handles facilitate work. Its size allows two people to sleep and have enough space to have maximum comfort.

The mattress is thick and robust, but does not need much maintenance. This bed emulates a hotel bed and has all the comforts of these. It is functional for those who have space and do not seek to skimp on price, and it is a bed that can ensure durability. It is not recommended for those who have small rooms or a few storage options.

  • Ultra comfortable support
  • Easy storage
  • Easy and very quick folding
  • Very firm mattress

#7. Jay-Be Hospitality Bed

Jay-Be Hospitality Bed

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A solid but lightweight structure, right size wheels for easy mobility, and a comfortable mattress. These are the three main attributes of the Hospitality Bed, a bed that provides rest for your visits. It is a bed that occupies more space than traditional singles, and that could create doubts, but it has positive aspects. One of them is the mattress, considered one of the most comfortable of its kind in the market.

One of the most exciting things about this bed is its spring’s system, which provides and protects your back and body. The method to install and dismantle is too simple, and that makes it a favorite for everyone.

  • Good size
  • Modern materials
  • Comfortable air mattress
  • Innovative design

#6. Quictent Decor Folding Bed

Quictent Decor Folding Bed

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As its name says, this bed, besides being functional and comfortable, has a luxurious design that suits with any styles. It’s a structure that combines metal and wood, as well as a very comfortable and wide mattress, in which anyone can have a restful night.

Its metal rails make it light and easy to transport, but at the same time, it is a bed of high durability. It is ideal for those who have enough storage space, but not to be used in areas that are too small. Undoubtedly it is one of the most stylized and showy folding beds on the market.

  • Seamless welded frame
  • Amazing suspension system
  • Lightweight and strong materials
  • Extra firm base

#5. Jay-Be Inspire Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress and Headboard

Jay-Be Inspire Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress and Headboard

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One of the best single beds you can find, and an ideal option for those who like a thick and comfortable mattress. It is a small but very resistant structure, easy to assemble and with solid metal elements. It is a bed that can be used for small spaces, and regarding design, has a headboard integrated. It is too functional and once installed, it practically does not seem to be a folding bed.

Its most significant peculiarity is the mattress, which seems too thick compared to beds of that size, but it is very comfortable. It is a bed for rough use, which has high durability, and even has a lifetime guarantee. If comfort and stability are your things, then you will hardly find a better single bed for small spaces.

  • Innovative engineering
  • Lightweight and extremely strong frame
  • Solid bed base
  • Easy assembly as well as disassembly

#4. Zinus Roll Away Folding Guest Bed Frame

Zinus Roll Away Folding Guest Bed Frame

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This amazing folding bed is ideal not only for you but for your guest room, or to place it in the room where you receive visitors. It is a small size bed but great functionality and handling, which gives it an advantage over the competition. The mattress is very comfortable and does not take up too much space, while the way of placing it will not give you complications. Its structure can fit almost any interior style, because its tubes do not stand out too much, and the bed, in general, seems like a regular bed. It is also ideal for summer homes or places where you do not have too much space or maintenance.

The model is made of steel, and you will not have to spend too much money to keep it in good condition, reducing your costs. Although this bed is for one person, putting together two of them can give comfort and rest to couples. It is ideal for children to sleep, as it is not too high and if an accident occurs, avoid any significant injury.

  • High-density foam
  • Doesn’t take much space
  • Strong and durable construction

#3. Coleman’s ComfortSmart Cot Folding Bed

Coleman’s ComfortSmart Cot Folding Bed

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This bed probably is not the most colorful, but it’s one of the most efficient in the current market. The mattress is very comfortable and doesn’t need too much space, which means that the structure is not too big. Also, being a small bed allows easy transportation, it is ideal not only for houses but also for field trips. The way to assemble and disassemble is effortless, does not take too much time, and does not need much care or even maintenance.

However, do not be fooled, being a small structure does not mean that you cannot bear too much weight. In this bed can comfortably sleep a person weighing 275 pounds, or one that measures up to 5 pee 7 inches. You will hardly find a better option, and it is one of the most recommended, especially for tiny spaces. In addition, its price is very accessible, much more if you decide to buy it used. Another favorable factor is that your mattress adapts to the shape of any person, and does not lose structure with the passage of time.

  • Can accommodate up to 75 pounds
  • Features a very comfortable mattress
  • Suits most spaces

#2. Lucid Rollaway Folding Bed

Lucid Rollaway Folding Bed

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If the budget is not a problem for you, then you should consider the Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed. It is a bed for up to two people, whose memory foam will give you the best rest and will keep you in the best position. This bed can be used for your small loft or for your visits, it is comfortable and functional for many reasons. Its size is not an impediment to its easy mobility, since it has large handles and four small wheels.

Something positive is that depending on the function you want to give it, it is available in several sizes. Even though it takes up a lot of space, this is still one of the best folding beds to buy. This bed is recommended for people who want to maximize small spaces and have a comfortable bed, functional and easy to assemble.

  • Durable deck
  • Easy roll away as well as installation
  • Spring loaded base
  • Smooth rolling wheels

#1. Broyhill Foldaway Folding Bed

Broyhill Foldaway Folding Bed

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Meet this great single-sized folding bed. The model is not any different from the best products on the market. It’s perfect for mobility and storage in any space. From kids to adults, this bed suits them all as it supports up to 250 pounds. The Broyhill bed is a very portable model that’s perfect for any time you need a sleeping surface or accommodate last minute overnight visitors.

This lightweight model features thick memory foam that consists of comfort foam and memory foam. When it’s not in use, this bed conveniently folds up for compact storage and hassle-free transportation. The bed also includes removable plush quilted cover that comes with the air flow technology. to make it even better, the bed comes with a one-year warranty.

  • comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Great folding design
  • Super strong frame
  • Durable and comfortable mattress
  • Comes at an affordable price

Features To Look For When Buying Folding Beds

As we have said, these sorts of purchases are not made regularly, so you should be sure to choose the right bed. There are several things you must take into consideration to make the right choice, and be sure to buy the best option.

  • Mattress comfort: Many mattresses when bending, begin to lose their functionality and can cause back pains in a short time. It is crucial that you ensure the quality of the mattress, to always have the best support for your body. Besides, the shape of the mattress is essential to facilitate falling asleep, since no one wants to sleep in an uncomfortable place. You should think that it will be your (or your guests) resting place for a long time, so do not be afraid to be meticulous. Easy to dismantle
  • Assembly process: It is an activity that you will do practically every day you use it, and there is nothing better than to make your work easier. Verify that the assembly and disassembly process is not too difficult, and that the pieces that involve it do not require much maintenance. By having this detail well covered, you will not have to spend too much money on the maintenance of small parts.
  • Size of the mattress: Make sure you take the dimensions of both the folding bed, and the place where it will be placed. If the bed occupies too much space in your home, it’s advisable to continue looking for a better option.
  • Easy of cleaning: All beds need to be cleaned regularly, and a folding bed is no exception. Verify that the structure where it is mounted is not complicated to clean, so as not to waste too much time doing it. It is also advisable to verify the ease with which you can clean the mattress, something that you will have to do periodically.

Once all these points have been verified, you can make the best decision to make your purchase. And if you still do not know some options in the market, we tell you the Top 10 Best Folding Beds in 2020.


After going through this folding beds review, you should not have any questions regarding your purchase. These are the top 10 best folding beds in 2020. The choice you should make depends on the use you want to give your bed, or space you have available. But without a doubt, if you choose any of the ones that appear in this list, you will make a good purchase.

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