Top 10 Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to take your video shooting to the next level with improved precision and control, you might want to consider finding the best DSLR shoulder rig. While shooting videos, stability, and precision movements matter a lot to achieve crystal explicit videos and cinematography. Many people go for a tripod as their first tool of choice. However, you might need to move and adjust your camera angle/framing quickly. For that to be possible and with accuracy, you do need an excellent shoulder rig.

Best shoulder rigs for DSLR cameras and camcorders come with great features that make them super comfortable and ideal for long hour video shooting. They are also designed to give you hand-free capability, letting you keep your eyes on the viewfinder or screen and with total stability. Your fingers are left free for framing, focusing, and the following the action. Finding the best model is now easy for you. Thanks to this article, your searching process gets more comfortable. There is a list of top best models available and a buying guide to help you pick the ideal model.

List of Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs in 2024

While deciding on which DSLR shoulder rig to buy, the best way to speed up your process is by having a list of top best models for you to choose one. That’s why we give the top 10 best DSLR shoulder rigs below. Each of the model listed here is high quality, ergonomic, and available in the market.

#10. MARSRE Pro DSLR Shoulder Rig

MARSRE Pro DSLR Shoulder Rig

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The MARSRE Pro is a well-designed DSLR shoulder rig filming system designed to work as a camera shoulder mount. It’s fitted with a camera and camcorder mount slider ideal for all the DSLR DV camcorders and video cameras. As a stabilizing shoulder rig, this system provides shake-free filming. The frame of this DSLR shoulder rig is made from a durable aluminum alloy, which is a CNC machined for perfect fitting and lightweight design.

It features an ergonomic design with a lightweight construction allowing the user to carry it for hours without fatigue. Additionally, the fitted camera mount slider allows angle and position adjustments for ideal shooting points. The padded handles feature a thin foam material which wears off quickly but provides perfect comfort and can be replaced easily and cheaply.

  • Stainless steel and Aluminum construction
  • Provides stability, balance, and comfort
  • Professional handheld platform
  • Counterweight included
  • Camera mount slider
  • Eliminates fatigue
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#9. Vidpro MR-500 Motorized Shoulder Rig

Vidpro MR-500 Motorized Shoulder Rig

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By: VidPro

Are you in need of the best DSLR shoulder rig within budget and still does a perfect job? The Vidpro MR-500 shoulder rig is an ideal choice for you. Can you imagine what you can do with a motorized focus and zoom? The model will give perfect answers. It comes as a high-performance motorized focus and zoom shoulder rig designed to fit all digital D SLR cameras perfectly.

Everything on this model is designed to offer the best filming while also keeping the user comfortable. It does feature a unique electric motor drive system designed to provide seamless focusing and zooming control. The handle grips feature thumb switches integration giving users fill lens control while also maintaining a firm grip. The handle isn’t that ergonomic, but it offers ideal support and stabilization.

  • Follow-focus memory presets
  • Smooth focus/zoom control
  • Electric motor drive system
  • Integrated thumb switches
  • Variable-speed operation
  • Precise adjustment

#8. YaeCCC Movie Shoulder Rig Set System Kit

YaeCCC Movie Shoulder Rig Set System Kit

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By: YaeCCC

Here is another affordable and practical shoulder rig ideal for DSLR cameras and camcorder. The YaeCCC Movie/Video Making Rig Set is a filming system set that comes with a shoulder mount, a rail rod system, and a matte box. Everything in this set is designed to be compatible with any camcorder DSLR camera.

It’s a high-quality model with an industrial standard size, making it ideal for commercial applications. The Durable rail rod system fitted on this unit holds the camera and allows easy tripod mounting using a screw thread. It also comes with adjustable top and side flags equipped to help get rid of the excess light in your image. The system is a bit large, but it’s lightweight and portable.

  • Adjustable top and side flags
  • Long-lasting Aluminum knobs
  • Padded mounting plate
  • Comfortable handgrip
  • Enhanced stabilization
  • Anti-slip blue knobs
  • Industrial rail rod
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#7. NICEYRIG Shoulder Pad w/Rail Raiser

NICEYRIG Shoulder Pad w/Rail Raiser

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Next is the simple, elegantly designed NICEYRIG Shoulder Support Kit designed for those filmmakers who take long shooting-time to help release shoulder pressure. It features a sturdy construction ideal for providing steady video shooting with a DSLR camera. It’s suitable for an industrial standard rail rod system. It releases pressure from the hand to shoulder and free the hook from the handle support.

So, with this unit, you can easily use the free hand to adjust the camera focus among other things. The system also does come with a shoulder pad integrated with the ergonomic principle at its bottom to keep the shoulder comfortable. The downside of this system is, you will need to buy the aluminum alloy rods, a camera base plate and a rod rail clamp for attaching the shoulder rig separately.

  • Removable and exchangeable sponge
  • Integrated handle support
  • Portable shoulder pad
  • Shoulder Stabilizer Kit
  • Aluminum Alloy Rod

#6. Movo Photo SG100 Shoulder Support Rig

Movo Photo SG100 Shoulder Support Rig

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By: Movo

The Movo Photo SG100 is another yet another well-designed DSLR shoulder rig designed for a run-and-gun video shooting style. As a video shooting support rig for DSLR camcorders and cameras, it enables smoother camera movements not possible with using a handheld set-up. It does have a lightweight and ergonomic design which helps in reducing fatigue for prolonged use.

The Movo rig has an aluminum construction allowing it to support a max capacity of up to 5 pounds which is ideal for any DSLR or small to middle-sized camcorders. With its cushioned shoulder pad, it gives an excellent alleviation to stress and fatigue. It comes with an SGW-5 counterweight and an FFA-2 rail system ideal for perfect DSLR video shooting.

  • Strong yet lightweight construction
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • DSLRs and camcorders Suitable
  • Alleviates stress and fatigue
  • Simple but elegant design
  • Cushioned shoulder pad
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#5. PR-1 Prime Shoulder Rig Filmmaker kit

PR-1 Prime Shoulder Rig Filmmaker kit

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By: P&C

If you’re searching for an ergonomic video shooting shoulder kit, then the P&C PR-1 Prime Shoulder rig could be a great deal for you. It is a high-performance video stabilization shoulder rig film-making kit that comes with a Swiss rail system and a comfortable soft rubber pad. It’s ideal for DSLR and BMPCC camera video camcorders.

It also features a solid foundation needed for video shooters searching to start in small rail systems. The best part is, this prime kit is configurable as a primary and straightforward lightweight camera stabilizer. It’s also configurable to more advanced shoulder rig to support great LED lighting, LCD monitors, microphone, follow focus system, portable audio recorders, and more.

  • Stainless Steel Friction Arm
  • Hybrid Shoulder/Chest Pad
  • Dual Rod Mounting Plate
  • Long unique handles
  • P&C Swiss Rods
  • Gun-stock style

#4. FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Support Rig Kit

FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Support Rig Kit

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FILMCITY is not a new name in the film equipment industry. Their DSLR camera shoulder-support rig kit is a high-quality model that comes with a cage and a matte box. It’s compatible with DSLR, DV, and HDV video camcorders. The rig kit is robust yet lightweight unit which promises a comfortable and durable shooting experience.

It also has adjustable camera cage brackets which allow to convert it from 6inches to 9inches. On top of that, this unit has an ergonomic shoulder pad and a counterweight which provides comfort and stability for long-hour operation. Additionally, as a budget-priced professional kit, it does also come with a high-grade camera mate box which fit multiple lenses.

  • High-strength, high- impact Polyamide
  • An adjustable shoulder support pad
  • Aluminum mounting rods
  • Soft grip rubber handles
  • Swing-away mechanism
  • Quick Release Plate
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#3. SunSmart DSLR Shoulder Rig Mount Kit

SunSmart DSLR Shoulder Rig Mount Kit

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By: SunSmart

Another best DSLR shoulder rig worth your investment is the famous SunSmart DSLR shoulder rig kit. It comes with shoulder support, matte box, top-handle, adjustable platform and a c-shape cage, all compatible with all DSLR video cameras and the DV camcorders. It’s also a stabilizing shoulder rig ideal for shake-free filming.

The mounting of this shoulder rig is adjustable to your height and mountable with a follow focus for precise focus control. You will love the heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel designed employed on this rig kit for extreme strength and durability. It also features an entirely gear-driven design which offers a sleep-free, reputable, and accurate focus movement.

  • Repeatable and precise focus movement
  • Industry-standard lightweight rod mount
  • Variable slide-mounting mechanism
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Wholly gear-driven design
  • Precise focus control

#2. Morros DSLR Shoulder Rig Movie Kit

Morros DSLR Shoulder Rig Movie Kit

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By: Morros

Morros DSLR rig movie kits are the next best shoulder rig in the list. As one of the high-quality DSLR camera and video camcorder rig, this unit is also a compact run-and-gun video shooting rig. It does come with a flexible quick-release camera plate that is fitted with a padded hand grip. Additionally, the flexibility makes it easily adjustable to allow you to have different shooting mode.

The rig is wholly designed for a slip-free, repeatable, and accurate focus movement. It can be mounted on both sides, for easy right-hand or left-hand use. What’s more, the adjustable-height allows the rig to fit different lens sizes and diameters. There is also a swing-away mechanism for easy and quick lens changes. It’s a system ideal for making a video with a movable scene or even micro shoots.

  • Steady, smooth and precise movements
  • Rapid and easy configuration
  • Lightweight and sturdy build
  • Convenient handheld use
  • Versatility and efficiency
  • Flexible design
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#1. Neewer FilmMaker System

Neewer FilmMaker System

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By: Neewer

The highly-rated, high-performance in the list is the Neewer Portable FilmMaker system, which is a handheld camera rig platform providing balance, stability, and comfort. It’s a uniquely designed rig that allows you to have a smooth start into the video filming. It features a shoulder bracket and two handgrips designed to enable you to direct the DSLR camera calmly.

The modular setup on this set makes it easy to left-handed and right-handed persons possible. On top of that, it’s also ideal for adjusting a rig individually to the user’s height and fields of use. The Neewer filmmaker shoulder mount also features soft padding, which allows it to deliver excellent outcomes with no motion problems or any jerk.

  • Ergonomic adjustments enabled design
  • Aluminum Alloy Rods & Handle Grip
  • Camera/Camcorder Mount Slider
  • Lightweight Customized design
  • Soft Shoulder Rubber Pad
  • Dual-hand Handgrip

Buying guide

When you decide on investing in the best DSLR shoulder rig, you need to make sure that the model you pick is the right one. Also, ensure it has the qualities you’re looking for. For that to be easy for you, you need to have the following considerations at your fingertips.

  • Material: DSLR shoulder rigs are versatile equipment. For you to buy the right unit for day-to-day use, you have to check the materials used in constructing it. It needs to be durable, lightweight, and ergonomic for long hour use. That means the material used in making the rig should be a lightweight, super durable material like aluminum alloy.
  • Compatibility: DSLR cameras are of different brands, types, and sizes. You need to ensure that the model you buy is ideal for your camera/camcorder type, size, and brand.
  • Ease of Use: When making your selection, remember the aim of using a DSLR shoulder rig is to improve the way shoot your videos. Buying a model, you can easily use and operate would be a great deal for you. Pick a model with adjustable heights, light rails, and a lightweight model you can use in all environments. The model of choice needs to feature a well-balanced designed that’s packed with convenient features to boost the performance.
  • Comfort: Some video shooting requires you to carry your DSLR camera or camcorder for hours. That’s why I recommend you buy a model that distributes its and camera’s weight on your shoulders. For you to have a great time outdoors, the shoulder rig needs to be as comfortable as possible. It needs to cradle your shoulders properly. Also, full rig serves excellent at keeping you comfortable.


In this review, there is a complete review and a buying guide to help you settle on the best DSLR shoulder rigs your camera system. With you considering all the factors in the buying guide, you will be able to buy a model that gives you the best outcome.

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