Top 10 Best Christmas tree with Dual Lights in 2019 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Trees no longer have to die for people to have stunning decorations at home. The development of artificial Christmas trees has benefited people in many ways. First, you can now match the theme of your home with your Christmas tree. Sleek white themed ones are popular on the Web. The well-finished grunge looking trees that are popular online also fascinate people. Artificial trees are also durable. You do not have to cut down a Christmas tree every year for your home to look nice. Most models have foldable space efficient designs. Their materials are also durable.

List of Best Christmas tree with Dual Lights in 2019

Puleo International 6.5-Foot Pre-Lit Aspen Green Fir 500 UL Clear Lights Artificial Christmas Tree, FtBuy on Amazon
Treetopia Winter White Artificial Christmas Tree, 7 Feet, Clear LightsBuy on Amazon
KARMAS PRODUCT 6 Ft High Christmas Tree 800 Tips Decorate Pine Tree with Metal Legs WhiteBuy on Amazon
National Tree 7.5 Foot Wispy Willow Grande White Slim Tree with Silver Glitter and 500 Velvet Frost White Lights, Hinged (WOGW1-304-75)Buy on Amazon
Homegear 6FT Deluxe 700 Tip Artificial White Xmas/Christmas TreeBuy on Amazon
ABUSA Christmas Trees 9 ft Prelit Snowy Everest Needles Pine Cones and Berries Faux Xmas Tree with 1000 LED Lights 2300 Branch TipsBuy on Amazon
National Tree 6.5 Foot Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree with 250 Multicolor Lights, Hinged (KW7-313-65)Buy on Amazon
Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree, 7.5 Feet, LED Clear LightsBuy on Amazon
National Tree 7.5 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree with 700 Dual LED Lights and 9 Function Footswitch, Hinged (DUH-330LD-75S)Buy on Amazon
Best Choice Products 6ft Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree w/ Easy Assembly, Solid Metal Legs, 1000 Tips - GreenBuy on Amazon

#10. Puleo International Pre-Lit Fir

Puleo International Pre-Lit Fir

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Because of its quality of construction, many people confuse Puleo International Pre-Lit Fir with a natural Christmas tree. Branch tips (903) are thick and well-spaced. Its UL certified lights are bright and power efficient. Finally, its simple assembly makes it suitable for homes. As you prepare for Christmas with your kids, you will have an enjoyable time putting this tree together.

This is a ready-to-use Christmas tree. Out of the box, you do not require special tools to set it up at home or in your office. Its storage is easy (hinged), while the 2-year parts and 5-year tree warranties it comes with make it a risk-free investment. You can return a defective tree hassle-free.

  • Tree and parts warranties
  • Well-spaced branch tips (903)
  • UL-certified tree lights

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Hassle-free set up
  • High-quality parts
  • Natural appearance

#9. Treetopia Winter Artificial Christmas Tree

Treetopia Winter Artificial Christmas Tree

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Natural Christmas trees cost eye-watering amounts of money. To cut costs without lowering the outlook of your home, look for a good artificial tree such as Treetopia. Measuring seven feet tall, it has a bushy and elaborated design that people like. Tucked in a corner in your living room, its frosty outlook and clear (500) lights will make your holiday special. This tree is 48 inches wide and has a UL-listed 960-branch design that is safe for use in homes, hotels, and even offices.

With Treetopia Winter, you do not have to worry about your Christmas tree drying up. Both its needle foliage and LED bulbs are durable. In fact, if you buy from a supported store, you will get a 2-year warranty for its lights and a five-year warranty for its foliage. Treetopia is freestanding.

  • Sturdy freestanding design
  • Warranty on lights and foliage
  • Clear white bulbs (500)
  • Stylish 960-branch design

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Charming winter theme
  • Durable freestanding design
  • Power-efficient system
  • Works well in homes/offices



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Did you know that people buy over 350 million pine trees for Christmas decoration every year? Most people use these trees for two or three days and then dump them in the trash, which is a waste. To save this tree species and have an enjoyable Christmas at the same time, look for this KARMAS PRODUCT Tree. Its white metal legs are sturdy, stylish, and durable. The risk of it toppling over in your home is low. Its white theme is eye-catching, while its decorative pine tips (800) are not only stylish, but also durable. You can recycle this tree many times without issues.

KARMAS PRODUCT Tree comes in many sizes. Five, six, and seven-foot models are among the best for homes and offices because of their clutter-free designs. The durable PVC used to make it has fire retardant properties, while the 17-piece decorative gifts on offer add to its ambiance.

  • Sturdy metal base
  • Fire retardant PVC tips
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Free decorative gifts (17)

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Safe for homes
  • Stylish white theme
  • Reusable many times

#7. National Tree Company WOGW1-304-75

National Tree Company WOGW1-304-75

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Are you looking for a tall and eye-catching Christmas tree for your home or office? If you have dreamt of owning a Wispy Willow Grande tree for long, you are in luck. This 7.5-foot artificial one from the National Tree Company stands out in many ways. Its slim design is eye-catching. You can set it up anywhere in your home without it looking out of place. Moreover, the frosty velvet lights (500) and silver glitter branches that it has stand out. They do not fade or stain over time.

This is a UL listed artificial Christmas tree. You do not need deep pockets to keep it powered. Its premium design is also safe for homes with pets and or kids. National Tree Company WOGW1-304-75 ships in three sections. When not in use, you can store it effortlessly. Its hinged all-metal design is also convenient. You do not need a lot of time nor special tools to set it up at home.

  • Pre-strung clear lights (500)
  • Safe UL-certified design
  • Durable hinged design (metal)
  • Safe sliver-glitter tips (636)

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Durable design and parts
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Stylish outlook (frosty velvet)

#6. Homegear Deluxe

Homegear Deluxe

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Which are the best money-saving tips for special occasions such as Christmas? To offer your kids the best experience on a budget, start with your Christmas tree. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a real try to have a fruitful Christmas celebration. Synthetic ones such as Homegear Deluxe are not only cheap, but effective as well. Its 700-tip configuration, for instance, is ideal. It has a stylish white theme. The high-quality PVC used to make its needles, on the other hand, is light (11 pounds) and durable. You can lift and transport this Christmas tree around hassle-free.

Homegear Deluxe has a space-saving 6-foot design. Whether you have a small or a middle-sized home, it will fit it well. Its fire retardant design is safe for homes, while the plastic stand that it comes with is light yet stable. Use Homegear Deluxe indoors or outdoors worry-free. It is durable.

  • Stable 6-foot design
  • Stylish configuration (700-tip)
  • Fire retardant PVC material
  • Lightweight design (11 pounds)

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Low maintenance design
  • High-quality components

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#5. ABUSA Christmas tree

ABUSA Christmas tree

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In web and offline stores, Christmas trees come in different shapes, sizes, and shades. If you are looking for a life-like one on a budget, ABUSA is a good option. Its snowy Everest pinecones have a stylish outlook. If you can dust them occasionally, your home will look inviting throughout the Christmas season. It also has a visible 9-foot structure, which you can use to add “drama” to your living room. In total, this tree has 2300 branch tips and 1000 durable continuous-on LED bulbs.

The quality of this Christmas tree from ABUSA makes it a good decoration for homes. Its PE materials are fireproof. Strings are durable, while hinged flocked snow design is easy to set up.

  • Fireproof branch tips (2300)
  • Bright LED bulbs (1000)
  • Continuous-on technology
  • Fully UL-approved design

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Safe for homes and offices
  • Free aftersales support
  • Stylish flocked snow design

#4. National Tree Kingswood Fir

National Tree Kingswood Fir

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National Tree Kingswood Fir is a 6.5-foot artificial Christmas tree with 250 pre-strung lights. Lights have a stylish multi-colored hue. As you chat away the night with your family members, it will create a soothing ambiance in your home. Lights are also durable, power efficient, and have UL certified designs that do not overheat whilst in use. Kids and pets are safe around this tree.

Like most Christmas trees listed herein, National Tree Kingswood Fir has a solid metal frame. It is a durable product. Maintained well, you can use it for more than one season with good results. Branches are detachable for easy storage, while it’s non-allergenic/fire resistant design is durable.

  • Non-allergenic components
  • Multi-color lights (250UL)
  • Metal hinged construction
  • Lights come pre-strung

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Tree comes ready to use
  • Sturdy frame and branches
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • Detailed assembly instructions

#3. Balsam Hill Classic

Balsam Hill Classic

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Balsam Hill is a 60-inch wide 7.5-foot Christmas tree with classic PVC needles. The material is durable. It also has a full 2960-branch design that stands out from a distance. Set up next to a fireplace, this tree will boost the ambiance of your home. Lights (hand-strung) are durable, while its sturdy plastic base does not topple over easily. Balsam is suitable for decorating on a budget.

Most low-quality artificial Christmas trees fail to meet the expectations of people. If you have had a bad experience with such a product, look no further. Balsam Hill Classic is a professional-grade Christmas tree. Parts are stylish, durable, and covered by a limited three-year factory warranty. You also get extra bulbs, cotton gloves for safe handling, and an on/off foot pedal for activating lights.

  • Many branch tips (2960)
  • Tall (7 feet) and wide (60 inches)
  • Limited warranty (three years)
  • Free tree stand and storage bag
  • Hand-strung LED lights (1000)

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Charming appearance
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Long-lasting components

#2. National Tree DUH-330LD-75S

National Tree DUH-330LD-75S

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National Tree DUH-330LD-75S is a UL listed multi-colored Christmas tree with a tall 7.5-foot design. Branch tips are around 2514 in number, while its hinged metal frame lasts for long. It does not wobble under stress. The risk of it bending or breaking whilst in use is also low because of its solid stature. This tree’s green branches are lifelike. Its lights have a charming flare as well.

Is National Tree DUH-330LD-75S a safe product? If you are considering buying one, do not hesitate. Its components are fire resistant. The non-allergenic materials used to make it are also safe for pets and kids. You can leave this Christmas tree on the whole night without safety issues.

  • Stunning structure (2514 branches)
  • Non-allergenic material/parts
  • Bulb-lock bulb technology
  • Low-voltage multicolor bulbs

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Safe for homes and offices
  • Easy to assemble or store
  • Complements most homes

#1. Best Choice Products Christmas Pine Tree

Best Choice Products Christmas Pine Tree

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Are you considering buying a pine tree for Christmas? Are you looking for an affordable artificial model that stands out in homes and offices? Best Choice Products meets this threshold. Its solid hinged design is sturdy. In addition to lights, you can hang decorative balls or ribbons on it without it toppling over. Structural issues such as breakages are also uncommon if handled well.

This full-bodied artificial palm tree has a genuine outlook. The 1000 branch tips that you get have a natural outlook. Color balance is accurate, while its quality materials last for a long time.

  • Stylish natural appearance
  • Full-bodied palm tree
  • Stable stand (free)
  • Durable metal frame

Why Buy this Tree:

  • Long-lasting design
  • Stylish natural outlook
  • High-quality materials

Shopping Tips for Christmas Trees with Dual Lights

  • Design: Artificial Christmas trees have eliminated the need for cumbersome natural ones. However, to own a product that will attract your attention at home, check the design of your preferred tree. What is its size? If you have a small home, for instance, buying a tall and bulky tree is a poor decision. A modest tress that will not clutter your personal space will serve you well for long.
  • Material: Always check the material of the Christmas tree that you are planning to buy. Is it flammable? To maximize your safety and that of your family members, avoid such products. The reports of them burning down homes are many worldwide. You should also check the longevity of the Christmas tree that you are planning to buy. Is it durable? Can you recycle it a few times without it lowering the outlook of your home? Christmas trees with such features are the best in 2019.
  • Convenience: Special occasions such as Christmas offer people an opportunity to spread cheer. Having a frustrating tree at home will only dampen your spirits. To avoid such issues, check the convenience of your tree of choice beforehand. Is it a freestanding Christmas tree? Does it have a well-finished all-in-one design that comes ready to use? Tree with such features is convenient.


Whilst decorating for Christmas, you do not have to buy an expensive natural tree for your home to look nice. These artificial Christmas trees are equally as good. Their components are durable and natural looking. They also have stable and stylish designs that boost the outlook of homes.

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