Top 10 Best C Shaped Tables in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

We all love taking snacks and drinks while relaxing in the house. Right? No matter what you eat or drink during this relaxing time, we all want to enjoy it near us and at our comfort place. However, having all the snacks, beverage, remote and the likes near the bed or sofa isn’t always possible since there is the risk of spillage of food and drinks and discomfort of holding the items by hand. However, that’s a thing of the past. Now you can have a C-Shaped table to help you out. The C-Shaped tables are convenient to use, and they do slide under the sofa or chair for a better reach.

All you need to do is buy the best C-Shaped table from the market and get to enjoy. However, that isn’t as easy as it may sound. There are so many models available in the market, thus, becoming very tiring to pick the best. But there is nothing to be worried about as this article compiles a list of top 10 best C-Shaped tables in 2020 just for you:

List of 10 Best C Shaped Tables in 2020

As mentioned above, the article is here to give you a simple way of buying the right and high-quality C table. Here is a comprehensive list of the top best C-shaped tables you can buy in 2020.

TravenPal Sofa Side Table Bird Design
MEASUREMENTS: 21.25'' High When Fully Assembled
CosmoLiving Scarlett C Table, White Marble/Gold
Finish looks great in both modern and traditional style rooms
SIDUCAL End Table Height Adjustable Snack Side Table Under The Sofa Overbed Table, Black
Adjustable Height from 22" to 29.9" - Suit for sorts of need in different occasions; Easy Move - Smooth wheels ( lockable & removable) make desk move wherever you want
Zinus Modern Studio Collection Side / Sofa / Snack / End Table
Functional, stylish, and Easy to Assemble; Conveniently slides up close to your chair or sofa
FIVEGIVEN Under Couch Sofa Side Table C Shaped Tall Rustic End Table Brown Walnut 26 Inch
[EASY ASSEMBLY]: 30-minute assembly needed, while no extra tools required
Weathered Grey Finish Expandable Snack Side End Table
Finish: Weathered Grey; Features a reclaimed wood look-like top; Table top expands left and right to give more surface area

#10. TravenPal Sofa Side Table

TravenPal Sofa Side Table

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By: TravenPal

The TravelPal Sofa Size Table is a C-shaped with a bird design and soft sliding base. It provides a perfectly flat surface for a snack, beverage, book, or even a remote control. As a convenient, stylish side table, it slips easily under the sofa or chair allowing easy reaching distance. Its simple low profile design makes it a great addition to a small space, dorm living areas, or even an apartment. On top of that, it features a sturdy yet fashionable burnished metal side and a wooden tabletop which provide exceptional support to it.

With this table, it’s easier to read your books and have a meal while you sit on your comfortable sofa. It also works excellent as an end table or a stand-alone table. Many might argue that it has a small table top, but the small profile design allows it to work great in small spaces and apartment. The best part is, the table is not only a fashionable item; it is also a durable product that passes the test of time.

  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Great for small spaces
  • Functional side table
  • Sturdy “C” structure
  • Attractive design

#9. CosmoLiving Scarlett C Table

CosmoLiving Scarlett C Table

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By: CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan

If you are looking to upgrade your entertainment space, then the CosmoLiving Scarlett C Table can help you do that. The table features a top-notch minimalistic design and a versatile space-saving function which slays the décor game. Its C-shaped design has a sturdy low-profile bottom which slides easily under a chair or couch to provide a convenient spot to set your laptop or hold your beverage.

Additionally, this Scarlett C table has a durable, water-resistant PVC top and a beautiful look which complements the interior décor. Its finish looks impressive in both traditional and modern style rooms. Select from faux white marble with either a trendy gold finish or a crisp on the base or an edgy dark gray that has a gold base and upgrade your interior instantly. Even though it’s somehow heavy, the table is sturdy enough to last years to come.

  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Sturdy decorative construction
  • Versatile space-saving function
  • Minimalistic top-notch design
  • Water-resistant PVC table
  • Sturdy bottom

#8. BarleyHome Height Adjustable Snack Side Table

BarleyHome Height Adjustable Snack Side Table

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By: BarleyHome

The next C-shaped table is a unique table with amazing features. The BarleyHome End Table is a durable sofa over the bed or under the sofa table with adjustable height. The adjustable height makes it easy to customize and suit the needs of different occasions. It’s easy to put it under the sofa or bed and get a comfortable posture. Its tabletop offer spacious room to hold a couple of items at a go.

The table feature a thicken metal which gives it a heavy-duty and stable construction. On top of that, it uses an environmental MDF board with a high-weight capacity, thus keeping the stabilization. It’s quite easy to move this table thanks to its four smooth lockable and movable wheels. The fact that the wheels are made of plastic makes them less durable, but they are readily available and quite cheap.

  • Smooth lockable, removable wheels
  • Heavy Duty and Stable
  • Power steel frame
  • Adjustable Height
  • Easy Assembly

#7. Tangkula Sofa Side End C Table

Tangkula Sofa Side End C Table

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By: Tangkula

The high-quality Tangkula Sofa Side End C Table takes the next position. It’s quite similar to the one above. The table also features high-quality materials from the high-density chipboard to the sturdy steel frame. The construction makes it a 55lbs load capacity and a cantilevered design. Apart from being robust, this table is also stylish, making it suitable for any décor and a perfect combination with other home furniture.

Its compact size, lightweight and space saving design allows it to be functional for different uses and usable in a small area or apartment. It comes with four plastic but durable caster wheels, which makes it easy to slide the table wherever needed. Its lower and side steel meshes provide extra storage space for books, magazines, and more.

  • Space-saving and lightweight design
  • Smooth rolling casters
  • High-Quality Material
  • Extra storage space
  • Stylish Design
  • Multipurpose

#6. Zinus Modern Studio Collection Table

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Table

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By: Zinus

The Zinus Modern Studio Collection table is a side, sofa, snack C-shaped table with superior strength. The table combines function and style in one durable unit. It can function as an end or a side table in any room of your house. It’s ideal for snacks, coffee, book/magazine, and remote. Its robust and square steel tubing and the high-density panel with a wood grain finish adds an elegant touch to any interior décor.

Apart from having limited storage and no wheels, this table is quite significant for any small room or apartment. It conveniently slides up close to the sofa or chair with its bottom fitting under the furniture comfortably. On top of this superior construction, this table is quite easy to assemble. It comes with all the accessories needed for the job.

  • Sturdy, durable steel tubing frame
  • A rich brown wood grain finish
  • Functional, stylish
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to clean

#5. FIVEGIVEN C Shaped Table Tall

FIVEGIVEN C Shaped Table Tall

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Here is another uniquely designed C-Shaped table that will allow you to enjoy your relaxing time at home with snacks and drinks near you. The FIVEGIVEN Under the sofa Side table will amaze you. It’s a sturdy table ideal for sofa and couch clearance higher than 1.34 inches and the couch arm height lower than 25.4 inches. It can also be smoothly used as a temporary work table for a new email reply or even a handy tray table when hungry during the live games.

Besides having no-sliding wheels and extra shelves, this table presents the best side C-table can have. Its big top board can fit a 10-inch dinner plate or a 13.3-inch laptop comfortably. Unlike the other reviewed table, this one features four support poles which make even more stable and sturdier. As a simple accent piece, the table is also ideal for use as a lamp table or decorative displaying table, thus adding some rustic industrial elements to the living space.

  • Sturdy decorative construction
  • Sandy powder coating
  • Adjustable glide tacks
  • Durable steel frame
  • Multifunctional use
  • Easy Assembly

#4. eHomeProducts Expandable Snack Side End Table

eHomeProducts Expandable Snack Side End Table

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By: eHomeProducts

The eHomeProducts Snack Side End Table is yet another uniquely designed under the sofa or bed C-shaped table that can transform your small living area. The table features a weathered grey finish that complements any interior décor. As a sturdy and expandable snack table, the table top can be extended to add more space, and when done, you can fold it back.

Except for the open design with no decorations, this offers a great room to hold your snacks and beverages during a live game or while watching a movie. The area is also big enough to accommodate a laptop allowing you to transform it into a temporary workplace. The table-bottom design will enable it to slide smoothly under the couch or sofa to give you a close reach.

  • Reclaimed wood look-like top
  • Non-scratching rubber feet
  • Weathered Grey Finish
  • Expandable Tabletop
  • Multiple uses

#3. HOMEMAXS Sofa Side End Table C Table

HOMEMAXS Sofa Side End Table C Table

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By: Homemaxs

The Homemaxs Sofa Side End table is sturdy, well-engineered C table ideal for small space. The table can be used for coffee, snacks, tablet, or any other thing you might need as you rest in your home. It features a durable steel frame construction and a wood top giving it the required strength and durability. The convenient C-Shaped construction allows it to slide its feet under a sofa, bed, or couch so that the table can be near you.

Even though the table doesn’t have adjustable height, it features a perfect height ideal for most sofas and beds. Another noticeable feature is the four adjustable non-scratch feet, which allow smooth sliding of this table without scratching the floor. The adjustability allows you to fix any wobble caused by an uneven floor. Assembling this table is quite simple as it comes with clear instructions and a hex wrench included.

  • Convenient C Shaped Construction
  • DURABLE thick steel metal tubes
  • Floor-Safe Non-scratch feet
  • Simple and Easy assembly
  • Durable Adjustable feet
  • Perfect Height

#2. MICOE Height Adjustable Console Table

MICOE Height Adjustable Console Table

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By: micoe

In the second place is the high-adjustable MICOE Sofa Side Slide C Table. It’s a durable and well-constructed C-shaped table with multiple uses. The table slides under the low clearance sofa or couch to place your iPad, cups, remotes, and much more. You can also use to read books, enjoy food and desert, or have coffee while sitting. On top of that, you can also use this table as an end table, bedside table, computer desk, storage rack, or even as a standalone.

One of the things that makes this table outstanding the super-strong construction which feature a robust and durable steel frame, steel bottom and side racks, and a hardwood top. The framing is well reinforced to ensure it stays intact without any shakes. In addition to that, the table also has four casters, which makes it super easy to move the table wherever needed. The wheels are removable in case it doesn’t fit under the sofa. The installation requires you to be a little keen as it can be quite challenging.

  • Thickened MDF wooden board
  • Side basket and bottom rack
  • Wheels with brake function
  • Thickened metal tube
  • Sturdy “C” structure
  • Adjustable Height
  • Multiple Uses

#1. VASAGLE ULNT50X Industrial Mobile Side Table

VASAGLE ULNT50X Industrial Mobile Side Table

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The versatile, durable, and heavy-duty VASAGLE industrial Side Table takes the first position. It’s a unique C-table that represents a combination of durability, functionality, and stylish vintage designs. Its construction brings an individual touch and an antique aesthetic with quite impressive effects. The table works great in bringing coffee, newspaper, remote control, and more where you need them. With it, you can finally spoil your hubby with a delicious breakfast in bed.

As a vintage side table with iron elements, it’s not only ideal for the romantic vintage style lovers, and the trendy industrial fans can also adorn their room with this furniture thanks to the matte-black iron frame. The table comes with four smooth-running wheels, which makes it easy to slide the table under the sofa or bed. However, the wheels aren’t to be removed, so you have to ensure that the clearance is at least 7cm for it to fit correctly.

  • Impressive functionality
  • Trendy industrial design
  • Smooth-running wheels
  • Unmatched durability
  • Stylish vintage design
  • Quick Assembly

Best C-Shaped Tables Buying Guide

Since you will be faced with lots of options, you need some considerations to help you make the best choice and buy a model that meets your needs best. The following factors will help make all the selection and in the simplest way.

  • Durability: Durability is something that cannot be taken lightly since you’re buying a C-shaped table to use, not for an hour, but days, months, or even years to come. You might view this as a less critical investment, but it comes in handy, and you start wishing to have it forever. To prevent you from getting disappointed, it’s essential you but a table made from high-quality and durable materials like iron and steel frame and hard chipboard.
  • Tabletop surface: How big is the table top? With the table accommodate all your items at once? You need to make a list of the things you might need to place on the table. That will help you choose a C-shaped table that meets your needs. On the product description, you will find all the information concerning the table measurements.
  • Clearance: The C-tables are made with a different bottom. For the slide under the sofa or bed C-tables, you have to know the clearance between the chair/bed and floor. Buy a table with a bottom that fits smoothly under the sofa or bed. If you decide to pick the wheeled C-table, you need to be sure it fits under there, and else you will be forced to remove the wheels.
  • Style: The home interior style will always dictate the type of C-shaped table you buy. You need to buy a table that complements the style and fashion in your home. Most C-tables in this list feature a universal form which complements all type of décor.

Other Features:

Apart from the above features, here is some other thing you might want to consider.

  • Wheels: If your C-table has wheels, sliding it under the sofa or moving it to another desirable place is a breeze. Even though it can cost you some bucks, buying a C-shaped table with wheels can be an excellent addition for you.
  • Racks: Some C-Shaped tables feature a side basket and a bottom rack which provide some extra storage where you can keep your books as you take your coffee.
  • Feet: To prevent floor damage while sliding a table, some C-table feature rubber or plastic feet. Furthermore, some feet are adjustable to eliminate wobble on the uneven floor.


A C-shaped table needs to be stylish, considering that you will be keeping it in your living room. In this area, it’ll be accessible even by visitors, meaning it needs to be presentable. On top of that, you need to ensure that it’s durable and of high-quality if you need it to last for years. Do not over-evaluate as doing so will waste your time. Pick a model which you feel is stylish enough, durable, and reliable, keeping in mind the size and clearance. With all these, you can now buy a perfect C-table.

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