Top 10 Best Bench Grinders in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Do you own hand tools that need frequent sharpening? Do you have a hard time smoothing weld joints whenever you are working on metal? To keep your tools sharp and your welds looking clean, you need a good bench grinder at home or in your shop. These compact tabletop devices do not require a lot of space to work. Their convenient designs, on the other hand, have powerful abrasive wheels that handle most types of jobs well. Do not stress yourself with a file, wet stone, and or wire brush, as most people do. With the help of one of the best bench grinders, you will get professional results with little effort.

List of Best Bench Grinders in 2023

#10. Palmgren Machine 9682061

Palmgren Machine 9682061

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A bench grinder can help you to maintain tools and or handle most metalworking jobs like a professional. To get an affordable model that delivers memorable results always, look for Palmgren Machine 9682061. Even though less-known globally, its heavy-duty motors handle long duty cycles well. They do not break down easily nor break down under load. They last 4-7 times longer than some expensive brands of electric motors.

This industrial-grade bench grinder operates smoothly in most settings. If you are a knifemaker, for instance, you can use it to sharpen and polish your knives without exerting a lot of effort. Its push start system is very convenient, while the sealed and dynamically balanced rotors it comes with works quietly. You can use it in the garage of your home without irritating neighbors and or other household members. This is admirable.

  • Dynamically balanced rotors
  • Heavy-duty electric motors
  • Adjustable eyelid shields
  • Adjustable spark guards
  • OSHA compliant design
  • Adjustable tool rests

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Easy and safe operation
  • Sharpens and polishes tools
  • Chamfers and deburrs well
  • Long lasting bench grinder

#9. Craftsman 9-21124 Bench Grinder with Lamp

Craftsman 9-21124 Bench Grinder with Lamp

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Craftsman 9-21124 is a suitable bench grinder for knife and cutlery makers. If you struggle to sharpen your tools, you will also enjoy using one for many reasons. Its 1/6 horsepower motor, for instance, is convenient. Paired with a 60 grit or a 30 grit-grinding wheel, you can use it to do many projects at home or in your shop. It grinds smoothly. You can also use it to deburr and sharpen tools without it vibrating all over the place. Its large cast iron base absorbs shock. It also boosts its stability on all surfaces without lowering its performance.

Thousands of metalworkers have lost fingers or eyes because of low-quality bench grinders. Do not be a part of this statistic. A well-made and safe bench grinder such as Craftsman 9-21124 will serve you better in many ways. The wide eye shield that it has, for instance, ensure safe operation. It enables you to see the item that you are working on without getting hot sparks in your eyes. This grinder also contains metal fillings well and has a sturdy wheel guard that protects hands from injuries. Novices can use it unsupervised without issues.

  • Powerful motor (1/6HP)
  • 60 and 30-grit wheels
  • Sturdy cast iron base
  • Wide eye shield
  • Effective wheel guard
  • Full electric system

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Effective safety features
  • Quiet yet powerful system
  • Handles a variety of jobs
  • Easy to set up and use

#8. Black+Decker BG1500BD

Black+Decker BG1500BD

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The dependability of Black and Decker tools has made them trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike. The brand is also home to durable and multi-functional devices that make woodworking and metalworking fun. Black+Decker BG1500BD is such a product. This single speed 6-inch grinder is one of the best brands for sharpening and grinding tools. You can also use it to hone the blades of lawnmowers, knives, and most garden tools without straining your wrist or back. The two 5/8-inch thick wheels on offer do an excellent job.

Black+Decker BG1500BD weighs less than 15 pounds. If you are looking for a bench grinder that you can carry between sites easily, it is one of the best brands. Mounting it is also easy. Via its two mounting holes, you can secure it on most surfaces in a few minutes. This bench grinder is under a factory warranty (two years).

  • Single speed motor
  • Dual 6-inch wheels
  • Lightweight (15 pounds)
  • Dual mounting holes
  • Limited warranty (2 years)

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Grinds and sharpens well
  • Portable bench grinder
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Powerful single-speed system

#7. ATD Tools 10558

ATD Tools 10558

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Do you have space for a new bench grinder in your shop? Even though ATD Tools 10558 is bulky than some brands we have reviewed, you get a good all-around item. Its heavy-duty 3/4 horsepower ball bearing motors are the best. Their stress and overheat resistant designs last for long. Grinding wheels are large (8-inches), while its many add-on accessories are fun to use. Its magnifying glass, for instance, enables people to make precise adjustments whilst honing tools. Its precast holes ease its installation, while the large and flexible work light that it comes with is convenient. It illuminates workspaces at night or whilst in use in dark rooms.

ATD Tools 10558 has diverse safety features. Its shutter resistant eye shields, for instance, protect the eyes from injuries. Its well-placed spark guards and tool rests are also ideal. The latter contains hot sparks as you sharpen tools or grinding down welds. The former, on the other hand, gives you better control of your tools.

  • Ball bearing motor (3/4HP)
  • Eye and spark shields
  • Dustproof switch (durable)
  • Pre-cast mounting holes
  • Flexible magnifying lens
  • Adjustable work light

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Long lasting grinder
  • Medium and coarse grit wheels
  • Powerful system (3,450 RPM)
  • Easy to mount and use

#6. Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder

Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder

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Metabo DS 200 is a 3570-RPM no-load bench grinder with heavy-duty 8-inch wheels. If you grind and or sharpen old tools often or forge knives for profit, look for a new one. Its induction motor works maintenance-free for years. It also has a powerful and low noise design that works vibration-free. Handling it is enjoyable. Moreover, because it is compatible with most AC power outlets, you can use this bench grinder out of the box.

You will like the effective safety features on these bench grinder. Made from die-cast aluminum, its robust covers, for instance, contain flying sparks and debris. Whilst in use in top speed, therefore, the risk of eye or skin injuries is low. Its protective bayonet lock also stands out. It makes disk changing safe and relatively easy.

  • 3570-RPM no-load motor
  • Aluminum (die-cast) protective covers
  • Protective bayonet lock
  • Maintenance-free induction system

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Effective safety components
  • Durable industrial-grade design
  • Dual 8-inch wheels (medium/coarse)

#5. RIKON Power Tools 80-805

RIKON Power Tools 80-805

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This slow speed RIKON Power Tools 80-805 bench grinder makes light work of most grinding and polishing jobs. Fitted with 120 grit and 60-grit 8-inch wheels, it is perfect for doing both light and heavy-duty grinding. Made from aluminum oxide, both wheels are not only durable, but also dustless. Made from cast iron, RIKON Power Tools 80-805 has a wide and sturdy base. Its rubber feet dampen vibrations to keep it operating smoothly.

With RIKON Power Tools 80-805, you do not have to worry about sparks flying into your eyes as you work. Both wheels have spark resisters and eye shields for safety. Both shields and resisters are adjustable and long-lasting. Its 1/2HP motor (1750RPM) is also ever cool. You can use for several hours without problems.

  • 1/2HP motor (1750RPM)
  • Adjustable spark resisters
  • Adjustable eye shields
  • Heavy-duty cast iron base
  • 120-grit and 60-grit wheels

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Vibration-free construction
  • Effective safety components
  • Low heat build-up while in use
  • Stable and non-slip rubber feet

#4. JET 577102 JBG-8A

JET 577102 JBG-8A

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Even though effective, the wet stones and files that people use to sharpen tools are frustrating to use. They require a lot of effort from people to be effective. This is not the case with JET 577102 JBG-8A. Its electricity-powered design handles light and heavy grinding jobs like a charm. Bearings (pre-lubricated) are durable, while the dual 8-inch wheels on offer withstand abuse for long. They can grind and sharpen most materials.

Is JET 577102 JBG-8A safe for day-to-day use? In addition to its performance, this is one of the most popular bench grinders because of its safety. The risk of its stable frame toppling over whilst in use, for instance, is low. Its wheel guards protect hands from injuries. Finally, its dust vents trap fillings to keep the air around you safe.

  • Heavy-duty 8-inch wheels
  • Enclosed ball bearings (lubricated)
  • Adjustable spark guards
  • Wheel guards (cast iron)
  • Powerful 8-inch wheels (two)

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Dependable system/technology
  • Quiet and vibration-free design
  • Powerful grinders (8-inches)

#3. SKIL 3380-01

SKIL 3380-01

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SKIL 3380-01 is a compact 2.1 amp bench grinder with two powerful wheels. Both wheels are durable. Their coarse and medium consistencies, on the other hand, are suitable for grinding a variety of materials. At home, you can use it to restore the old garden tools that you use on a regular basis. Sharpening and polishing your old tools will also be a breeze because of its adjustable tool rest. Positioning tools on its platform is very easy.

Do you have a hard time grinding tools in your dark shed or garage? SKIL 3380-01’s adjustable LED work light will come to your aid. Located over both wheels, they illuminate work surfaces well. Its rubber feet are stable, while its mountable case iron base secures it well on most surfaces. This 3450-RPM grinder is ideal.

  • Powerful 2.1 amp motor (3450 RPM)
  • Coarse and medium wheels
  • On-board tool rest (adjustable)
  • Non-slip rubber feet

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Fast and accurate grinding
  • Mountable on most surfaces
  • Bright work light on both wheels
  • Convenient on and off switch

#2. DEWALT DW758


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Buy DEWALT DW758 to own a dependable 3/4HP grinder with an overload protected motor. Built to handle heavy abuse well, it does not overheat nor breaks down easily. Its powerful 8-inch grinders handle most jobs at 3600RPM, while its rugged cast iron base boosts its stability. Set up on tables or benches, this device does not wobble nor topples over easy. Control of tools is also easy using its precision machines tool rest (aluminum).

This grinder’s yellow theme stands out. In the dark, you can locate it easily in your basement or garage. Paint is chip-proof, while the rear exhaust ports on its wheel guards guarantee a smooth operation. While sharpening tools, you can use it for long without issues. Grinding, deburring, or polishing metal is also smooth and easy.

  • 8-inch grinding wheels
  • Transparent wheel guards
  • Adjustable tool rests (aluminum)
  • High-speed system (3600RPM)
  • Sturdy cast iron base (mountable)

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Dependable induction motor
  • Industrial-grade construction
  • Motor has overload protection
  • Quick installation and adjustment

#1. WEN 4276 Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light

WEN 4276 Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light

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WEN 4276 is a 2.1 amp 3450-RPM electric bench grinder with two 6-inch wheels. Both wheels are 3/4-inches thick. They also have a 0.5-inch arbor size and high-quality designs that last for long. If you want a machine for sharpening knives or maintaining your tools, this is one of the best. It even has a bright LED work light.

Traveling with WEN 4276 is easy for two reasons. Its space compact, for instance, saves people a lot of space. Moreover, fully assembled, it weighs only 16 pounds. Most people can lift this grinder and carry it around.

  • Lightweight (16 pounds)
  • Bright LED work light
  • Two 6-inch grinding wheels
  • Fast 2.1A motor (3450 RPM)

Why Buy This Grinder

  • Fast and precise system
  • High-performance wheels
  • Portable bench grinder

What Makes a Good Bench Grinder?

  • Speed: Whilst shopping for power tools, it is tempting to buy the first highly rated brand that you come across. This is not always a good idea. Before buying a grinder, for instance, make sure that it can satisfy your needs. What is its speed? Most brands with high-speed motors are not only powerful, but also versatile. They handle demanding jobs easily. You do not have to exert a lot of effort to smooth out welds or sharpen your old tools. Look for one online. Whether you are a professional or a novice, it will improve how you work on your projects.
  • Safety: If you are shopping for a bench grinder for personal or professional use, do not sacrifice personal safety at all costs. Once you have ascertained the performance of your preferred tool, check its safety before reaching for your pocket. Does it have a spark deflector? Bench grinders with deflectors contain flying debris such as sparks well. Hot sparks and fragments of metal often cause serious injuries to people when caught in the eye.
  • Quality: Buying a stylish bench grinder that will break down after one or two weeks is a poor decision. Pay attention to the quality of the grinder that you are receiving from your favorite store. What is the material of its shell? Heavy-duty materials such as steel are the best. They last for long. You should also check the quality of its wheels and parts such as motors and power cables. To get value for money, they should be durable as well.


Gone are the days when people used files and wet stones to sharpen tools. Bench grinders have taken over this job. Their fast electricity-powered designs grind and polish most tools efficiently. Their low-maintenance designs also boost the productivity of people without compromising safety.

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