Top 10 Best Beer Pong Tables in 2024 | Party Table

Beer pong is a popular drinking game for students, teens, and adults. Perfect for socializing, it is a relatively simple game to play. You need a dozen plastic cups with your favorite beer. You also need a table to line up cups and a beer pong ball to throw into cups. To win the game, all you do is make your opponent drink all his or her cups of beer before you do. For safety, make sure that you rinse the pong ball in clean water every time it hits the floor. Moreover, you require one of the best beer pong tables.

List of Best Beer Pong Tables in 2024 | Party Table

#10. The Pong Squad Basketball Beer Pong Table

The Pong Squad Basketball Beer Pong Table

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Are you organizing an indoor party for your colleagues or friends at home? Are you looking for a charming low-profile beer pong table that will keep your guests entertained? This basketball-themed The Pong Squad model is a popular model. Designed to look like a basketball court, it is a stylish addition to homes and game rooms. Its 20-pound frame is easy to carry around, while the pre-drilled cup holes it comes with secure 22 cups. When hit, you do not have to worry about your cups toppling over and spilling contents. Each player gets 11 similarly placed cup holes.

Do you have a small home or game room? Because of its compact 8x2x2.5-foot design, The Pong Squad table is a good option for homes. It is clutter-free. When not in use, you can fold it to a compact 2×2-foot table, which you can store easily. This is a laminated table. Cleaning it is easy. It also has a plastic rim on its edges for safety.

  • Stylish basketball theme
  • Foldable table (2×2 feet)
  • Predrilled cup holes (22)
  • Protective plastic rim

Why Buy This Table:

  • Space-saving design
  • Low-maintenance (laminated)
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Lightweight frame (20 pounds)

#9. PongCaddie Revolutionary Beer Pong Technology

PongCaddie Revolutionary Beer Pong Technology

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While playing beer pong, all individuals have a competitive advantage while playing on standard tables. They lean over tables to cover more distance. Leaning over also improves their accuracy. The PongCaddie Revolutionary table can eliminate such biases. The extended nets on its edges enforce both the leaning and elbow rules of beer pong. They also prevent beer pong balls from bouncing over the table, which has its pros. First, it saves players time that they would otherwise use chasing balls. It also improves the hygiene of the game by keeping balls from hitting dirty floors.

PongCaddie Revolutionary weight 23 pounds. Even though slightly heavier than The Pong Squad table, setting it up is easy. Off the shelf, it comes ready to play (pre-assembled). Moreover, its foldable design takes up less space (2×2 feet) in storage.

  • Foldable table (2×2 feet)
  • Weighs 23 pounds
  • Extended nets on edges
  • Colorful finish (stylish)

Why Buy This Table:

  • Regulates leaning/elbows
  • Catches beer pong balls
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Long-lasting construction

#8. Professional Beer Pong Table Professional Beer Pong Table

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The popularity of beer pong has seen an increase in the demand for high-quality tables for homes and dorms. This 8-foot model from stands out in many ways. Its bold blue and grey-themed design, for instance, is stylish. It does not chip nor fades as easily as some standard wood top tables often do. Measuring 8 feet, it is also of a decent size. It fits well in homes and dorm rooms.

On this table, you will never worry about cups of beer toppling over as you play. Its cup holes come pre-drilled. These fit and secure most types of cups that people use to play beer pong. This 26-pound beer pong table folds for easier transportation.

  • Stunning graphics (glossy)
  • Has a pong ball holder
  • Secure cup holes (drilled)
  • Table weighs 26 pounds
  • Spacious design (8 feet)

Why Buy This Table:

  • Portable design (foldable)
  • Adult-sized table (8 feet)
  • Secures playing cups well

#7. Camerons Portable Table

Camerons Portable Table

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Suitable for tailgating, Camerons is a collapsible 6-foot beer pong table that delivers memorable results. Even though made from fabric, its top is not only durable, but also waterproof. You can spill beer on it a few times without damaging its structure. Legs are sturdy (metal), while the hollow cup holders on offer can secure most cups.

Are you looking for a portable beer pong table that you can carry to the beach easily? Camerons is a foldable all-in-one model that weighs 18 pounds. Traveling with it is easy. Each package has six balls and a travel bag. You also get stakes for securing it on the ground whenever you are playing outdoors. All parts are durable.

  • Lightweight (18 pounds)
  • Compact design (6 feet)
  • Hollow cup holders
  • Free beer pong balls (6)
  • Durable travel bag

Why Buy This Table:

  • Portable design
  • Long-lasting parts
  • Sturdy on most surfaces

#6. Red Cup Portable Beer Pong Table

Red Cup Portable Beer Pong Table

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Are you planning to convert your old dining table into a beer pong table? Considering that beer pong tables are attainable cheap online, this is a poor decision. Look for this Red Cup model instead. Made from a scratch resistant material, its top is durable. Moreover, because it repels liquids, cleaning it is easier than traditional wooden dining tables. Finally, unlike dining tables, you do not need a lot of space to set up this beer pong table. Its 6-foot design is space efficient. Moreover, when traveling to the beach or a camping site, you can fold it and transport it effortlessly.

Even though tough, this Red Cup beer pong table weighs just 24 pounds. Whilst cleaning, you can move it around easily. It also has a warp and scratch resistant design with a foam holder for your beer pong balls. This table comes ready to use.

  • Weighs 24 pounds
  • Warp-resistant top
  • Scratch-resistant top
  • Foam ball holder
  • Foldable design

Why Buy This Table:

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting design

#5. Best Choice Products Table

Best Choice Products Table

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Beer pong should be a fun and enjoyable game. Unfortunately, because of the low-grade tables some people have at home, beer pong is sluggish and boring. If you are one of them, replace your old beer pong table with this orange-themed one from Best Choice Products. Its 8-foot long design folds into a small carrying case. It is also light (20 pounds) and fitted with sturdy metal legs with a height adjustment system.

The quality of this product’s top makes it one of the finest beer pong tables in the market. In addition to its charm, you will like the smooth melamine coat that it has. It is chip-proof. Cleaning it is also easy whenever you spill beer and other liquids on it.

  • Melamine-coated top
  • Foldable 8-foot design
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Height adjustable design

Why Buy This Table:

  • Portable (20 pounds)
  • Stylish orange theme
  • Low-maintenance top
  • Long-lasting components

#4. GoPong Pool Lounge

GoPong Pool Lounge

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Solid metal and wooden beer pong tables are durable. However, traveling with some models is a chore. Moreover, exposed to water, some brands warp out of shape, which is frustrating. GoPong is different. Its inflatable design is one of the lightest and most convenient in this niche. Traveling with it is easy. Furthermore, because it floats on water, you can use it to play beer pong in a pool with memorable results.

Even though compact (6 feet), this is a functional beer pong table. Each corner has 10 holes that secure most plastic cups. You also get eight side holes, tethering grommets for stability, and six BPA-free pong balls that you can recycle many times.

  • Inflatable pool table
  • High capacity (10-cup setup)
  • Free pong balls (6)

Why Buy This Table:

  • Inflates quickly easily
  • Portable beer pong table
  • Multi-functional design

#3. Red Cup Pong Table

Red Cup Pong Table

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Are you setting up a beer pong station at home or in your dorm room? This red cup table will fit perfectly in your space and serve you well for years. What makes it special? Well, its unique black themed finish has attracted it many repeat customers worldwide. If you are looking for a durable and portable beer pong table, it is also a good option. Its legs (metal) and its platform fold easily for easier transportation.

This table will not chip, fade, or stain after weeks of regular use. The quality materials used to make it offer people years of excellent service, which is ideal. Its laminated top, for instance, is both chip and stain resistant. Metal legs are sturdy and durable.

  • Durable metal frame
  • Chip and fade-proof top
  • Foldable design (2×2 feet)
  • Free ball rack and balls

Why Buy This Table:

  • Easy to transport
  • Wipe clean table
  • Long lasting metal frame
  • Regulation dimensions

#2. GoPong Portable Table

GoPong Portable Table

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Do you have 10×6 feet of free space at home that you want to use for gaming? Instead of buying a pool table, set up a beer pong station instead. GoPong is a cost-effective product. Most people can afford one. It also has a spacious 8-foot design with a lightweight (25 pounds) aluminum frame that supports a lot of weight. It does not buckle under load. You can also fold it a few times, without its frame bending.

Recommended for traveling, GoPong into a compact briefcase, which you can travel with effortlessly. Its solid top (black) is not only stylish, but also has a protective melamine cover that lasts for long. The material is beer proof. Moreover, when dirty, you can clean it effortlessly using paper towels and or a damp fluff-free towel.

  • Melamine cover
  • 25-pound table
  • Foldable legs and table
  • Sturdy aluminum legs
  • Spacious platform (8 feet)

Why Buy This Table:

  • Regulation sized table
  • Beer and water-resistant
  • Foldable for easy transport

#1. 8-Foot Beer Pong Table 8-Foot Beer Pong Table

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Buy to get a white and blue-themed beer pong table that is of high quality. Its wax-finished top, for instance, stands out in many ways. First, you will like its glossy and well-finished 8-foot design. It stands out indoors. You will also appreciate its ability to defect liquids such as beer and water whilst in use. Unlike bare wood, which stains easily, this stain proof beer pong table is very easy to clean.

Folded, measures 2×2 feet. During your tailgating parties, thus, you can transport it easily in the trunk of your motor vehicle. Each package has six balls and options such as cup holes and LED glow strips that illuminate in the dark.

  • Wax-finished top (8 feet)
  • Foldable design (2×2 feet)
  • Pong ball holder (attached)
  • Anodized aluminum legs

Why Buy This Table:

  • Regulation sized table
  • Portable beer pong table
  • Easy to maintain (waxed)

How to Choose a Beer Pong Table

  • Material: Beer pong is an indoor game for people who enjoy drinking and socializing with friends. Whilst choosing a table for your home, therefore, pay attention to the material used to manufacture it. Traditional glass tables are eye-catching. However, most of them cannot withstand the abuse that people subject tables while playing beer pong. Look for a solid wooden one instead. They are durable and very sturdy. Moreover, wood is a natural material, which lacks contaminants such as BPA.
  • Size: Once you have ascertained that your selected beer pong table is of a good material, check its size. Will it fit comfortably in your home or gaming room? If you have a small home, buying a bulky beer pong table is a bad decision. It will clutter your space and hamper how you and your friends play beer pong. Second, make sure your table of choice can fit the number of cups you use to play. If you set up 22 cups whilst playing, buying a table that can only accommodate 12 is a poor decision.
  • Longevity: As stated earlier, beer pong is an enjoyable game. People play it for hours every day at home and in social places such as bars. When shopping for a new table, therefore, look for a long-lasting brand. Its legs, for instance, should be sturdy heavy-duty ones. It should also have a well-finished top that will not chip or stain after weeks of day-to-day use. Tables with laminated tops are good. They are durable and easy to clean.


Setting up a beer pong station at home is not as hard as some people think. If you can afford beer and one of the beer pong tables reviewed, expect the time of your life. These are high-quality items. Tops and legs are durable. Moreover, due to their folding designs, carrying them to tailgating parties, camps, and the beach is easy.

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