5 Best Deck Boxes Reviews in 2024

At this day and era, no modern home can be complete without a deck box. These refer to incredible outdoor storage devices which help in maintaining a clutter-free patio, deck or porch. Whether it is your kids’ accessories or those regularly used home improvement tools, deck boxes come in a handy design so that you maintain a neat environment. It offers a simple solution so that you won’t have stuff scattered all over your surroundings.

However, it is worth considering different styles and sizes for various needs. Of course, you need a functional piece that will fit excellently. Well, we’ve got you covered by reviewing the top 5 best deck boxes.

List of 5 Best Deck Boxes in 2024

#5. PatioPost Deck Box, PE Wicker for Outdoor Patio

PatioPost Deck Box, PE Wicker for Outdoor Patio

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The Patiopost deck box is a unique outdoor patio furniture that is made to offer convenience. It features a contemporary, intimate design and sturdy construction. It boasts of an aluminum frame, and the inside has a polyester mesh and a PE wicker weave. Besides, it has a capacity of 110 gallons which is sufficient to hold a variety your patio and household items. Also, this deck box features ergonomic handles and wheels which allows easy mobility for easy movement around the yard. It is also easy to assemble as the package includes setup instructions.

     Pros      Cons
  • Attractive design
  • Mesh lining for ventilation needs
  • Easy to carry handles and wheels for enhanced portability
  • Large capacity to hold a variety of items
  • It is not perfectly waterproof
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#4. Suncast DBW7300 73 gallon, with a Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box

Suncast DBW7300 73 gallon, with a Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box

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Suncast takes pride in making the environment better and beautiful by allowing easy storage of what you aren’t using. For this particular deck box, it features a tasteful and functional design that enables you to keep the environment clean and perfectly organized. Thanks to the unique construction and style that provides an easy and efficient organization in a marvelous package. The 73-gallon capacity is quite great as compared to other low-rated deck boxes which have limited spaces.

It is ideal for storing various accessories such as cushions and other furniture accessories. Unlike some troublesome deck boxes, Suncast DBW7300 is very easy to assemble and requires no tools. The stay-dry design ensures that the tools and accessories stored remain safe. The exterior boasts of mocha brown color that blends perfectly with any outdoor décor.

     Pros      Cons
  • Perfect size
  • Durable construction
  • Too free setup
  • Has handles for easy transportation
  • Color variety needed although mocha brown looks great

#3. Rubbermaid 16 cubic. ft. Olive Steel Deck Box with Seat 120 Gal Capacity

Rubbermaid 16 cubic. ft. Olive Steel Deck Box with Seat 120 Gal Capacity

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Are you looking for the easiest and most convenient way of enhancing your outdoor storage space? Well, the best way would have Rubbermaid deck box. It doubles as a storage device and a seating facility where you can enjoy some drinks as you enjoy the cool air on the patio. Thanks to the double walled design that enhances excellent stability and strength that allows you to sit comfortably, and keep all the items organized.

The 120-gallon capacity is sufficient to securely store grill tools, cushions, and garden gear among other household accessories. Besides, this unit is built from resin that remains rust-free, dent or rot. Interestingly for this deck box, it is easy to assemble and virtually maintenance free.

     Pros      Cons
  • Great size
  • Sturdy construction
  • Incredibly roomy
  • Ideal for all items
  • Require tender handling, though sturdy
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#2. Keter Rockwood Outdoor Patio Plastic Deck Storage

Keter Rockwood Outdoor Patio Plastic Deck Storage

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Keter Rockwood outdoor deck box brings a new meaning of innovative technology. It is hence one of the best options you can have if you want to more pragmatic. Let your outdoor patio shine with elegance as you keep it clean and perfectly organized. Thanks to the durable and weather resistant construction that keeps the contents dry, safe and well ventilated. On the other hand, this box requires less maintenance as it doesn’t t dent, stain or peel off. To ensure that the box remains functional and elegant, this deck storage device boasts of an elegant wood panel appearance.

Although it is made of plastic, Keter Rockwood deck box brings a natural feeling and blends unsurprisingly to the outdoor décor. Apparently, it features a polypropylene resin which is recyclable, non-toxic and thus brings fewer impacts on the environment. That’s not all; it features an automatic opening system to allow fast access and easy use by anyone within the household.

The extra-large capacity is another quality that’s very vivid and makes this deck box more applicable. You can even store large and cumbersome equipment such as garden tools, shop tools, and even the pool floats. Moreover, it doubles as a bench and offers to seat for two adults. That’s amazing features for a deck box at such as fair and pocket-friendly price.

     Pros      Cons
  • Stronger pistons
  • Strong lid which is also easy to open
  • Automatic opening mechanism
  • Attractive wood panel appearance
  • Not very secure but great for patio use

#1. Lifetime 60103, 80 gallon Deck Storage Box

Lifetime 60103, 80 gallon Deck Storage Box

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Swaggering of durable construction Lifetime 60103 storage box features a rigid dual wall, and it is made of polyethylene material. It is safe to use and doesn’t pose any danger to your hands when opening. Thanks to the spring hinges which allow the lid to open at 90 degrees. Besides, it is lockable so that no one unauthorized can access the inside. The HDPE or what is called high-density polyethylene construction makes this equipment robust to accommodate as much load as possible.

Also, the rigid design allows the deck box to be used as a bench without any worries. The UV protected and all weather resistant finish makes this storage box ideal for an outdoor patio. Besides, it is straightforward to clean this deck box with just a single wipe. The impeccable design also goes further to allow DIY shelving and dividers. This feature allows division and proper management of space.

With its molded handles, you can open it with ease and relocate it to the desired positions without requesting neighbors help. Besides, the 80-gallon capacity is no joke and enhances storage of virtually any item that is within your patio to avoid it becoming an eyesore.

     Pros      Cons
  • Perfect for all weather conditions
  • Amazing ten-year warranty
  • Hassle-free assembly requiring no tools
  • Double as a bench during BBQ
  • Pricey
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Factors That You Need to Consider in Choosing a Deck Box

Due to obvious reasons, choosing a deck box for your home requires careful thought. But it needs not to be that chaotic if at all you know the factors to keep in check. So, here are the critical considerations when buying deck box.

  • Size: This factor is highly dependent on the number of items you intend to store. It is also connected to the available space on your patio. You don’t want to spend on something that you will eventually not use or bring the stresses of returning it to where you bought it. Being on the safe side requires taking note of the size before making a purchase.
  • Ease of setup: You don’t want to get a deck box only to realize that it is like a rocket science, putting it together. Of course, you need something that you can assemble in a snap of a finger.
  • Material of construction: You obviously want something that is sturdy and highly durable. Ensuring that requires that you evaluate carefully the material used in construction. Some of the most used materials are reinforced plastic and wood. Some deck boxes use stainless steel material yet perform incredibly well.
  • Security features: To ensure that the contents are protected from unauthorized people, the deck box should be lockable. This applies to must have security, and this is important if you are storing delicate items.
  • Weather resistant features: This factor applies to those boxes that will be serving outdoors entirely. They will be exposed to weather elements 24/7 and have to remain resilient and high performing. That said, you’ll have to choose a style coupled with a material that is appropriate to withstand any weather element.
  • Portability features: As much as the deck box needs to be a rigid structure, it also needs to be mobile. This feature will allow you to move it from one point to another especially during cleaning or when you require relocating it to another point. Some include wheels that enhance easy mobility.
  • Cost: Let’s be impartial and face some facts here; cost is the basic determinant for many when it comes to selecting the best deck box. You have to make a wise decision on whether you want a cheaply constructed box that is available at low price, or a quite expensively priced deck box that features durable and functional design. But, you have to balance quality and price as your budget directs you.


You need to select a beautiful deck box that brings out the best design and quality. While the deck box needs to serve its purpose right, it also needs to satisfy the decorative purpose. Fortunately, all the top 5 selection in the review above meet this criterion. So, ease your purchase plan and decision by picking one among the five we’ve concisely reviewed and been in a position to keep your deck, patio or porch sparkling clean, free of clutters.

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